•  Girls Champs

    Alma Junior High Girls are River Valley Conference Champions. They ribboned in 16 out of 16 events with 6 first places finishes, 4 second place finishes and 6 third place finishes for a total of 40 ribbons. 
    Lydia Mann (7th grade) won the high point award with 42 points. She won the long jump, triple jump, and 100 hurdles. 
    ARV Conference Meet Results
    April 16, 2018
    * indicates a personal record
    High Jump
    McIntosh: 4-10* (2nd)
    Pole Vault
    Posey: 7-0* (3rd)
    McIntosh: 6-6* (5th)
    Henson: 5-6* (6th)
    Shot Put
    Towns-Robinson:36-3.5 (1st)
    Hatley: 32-7* (3rd)
    Bias: 32-1.5 (5th)
    Mann: 31-2* (7th)
    Long Jump
    Mann: 14-11.5* (1st)
    Towns-Robinson: 14-2.5 (6th)
    Triple Jump
    Mann: 32-7 (1st)
    McIntosh: 27-11 (8th)
    Duggar: 26-7*
    Towns-Robinson: 92- 9*(1st)
    Bias: 67-6(6th)
    3200 Relay
    Team: 12:26.54(4th)
    A. Smith, D.Smith, Maxwell, Phenis
    Dean: 13.99(4th)
    Towns-Robinson: 14.09*(6th)
    Kilgore: 14.52*
    400 Relay
    Team: 56.34(5th)
    Kilgore, Posey, Henson, Dean
    300 Hurdles
    Mann: 51.60(2nd)
    White: 55.37*(3rd)
    Henson:59.51 (8th)
    Dean: 29.52*(1st)
    Posey: 29.83*(3rd)
    Henderson: 30.93*
    100 Hurdles
    Mann: 17.39*(1st)
    Dean: 18.17(6th)
    Henson: 18.95*
    Valdez: 6:36.54*(7th)
    Phenis: 6:42.82*(8th)

    Boys: River Valley Conference Results:  Our boys finished 4th overall in the conference. All of the young men listed below will advance to the Jr. High Regional Track Meet next Monday at Greenwood.
    Boys 1600 M Relay -5th Place Time of 4:03
    Joseph York (9th Grade)
    Kyle Jones (9th Grade)
    Martin Nunez (9th Grade)
    Michael Shaddon (9th Grade)
    Boys 3200 M Relay - 1st Place Time of 9:26.33
    Joseph York (9th Grade)
    Kyle Jones (9th Grade)
    Martin Nunez(9th Grade)
    Nehemiah Releford (9th Grade)
    Boys 400 M Dash 
    Kyle Jones 3rd Place - Time of 57.70 (9th Grade)
    Boys 800 M Run
    Martin Nunez 3rd Place - Time of 2:22.33 (9th Grade)
    Boys 1600 M Run
    Jael Nunez 8th Place - Time of 5:31.17 (7th Grade)
    Boys 300 M Hurdles
    Logan Chronister 1st Place - Time of 44.63 (9th Grade)
    Joseph York 7th Place - Time of 49.37 (9th Grade)
    Conner Stacy 8th Place - Time of 50.26 (8th Grade)
    Boys High Jump
    Dakota Valencia 3rd Place - Height of 5-6 (9th Grade)
    Chance Billings 7th Place - Height of 5-4 (9th Grade)
    Boys Pole Vault 
    Zach McCoy 2nd Place - Height of 9-6 (9th Grade)
    Bradyn Meinardus 5th Place - Height of 9-0 (9th Grade)
    Boys Triple Jump
    Dakota Valencia 8th Place - Jump of 34-0 (9th Grade)
    Boys Shot
    Landon Burkhart  7th Place - Throw of 39-9.5 (8th Grade)
    Boys Discus 
    Brayden Jones 5th Place - Throw of 114-0 (9th Grade)
    Tyler Williams 6th Place - Throw of 113-2 (8th Grade)

    Kimmons Results Boys 4/9
    3200 M Relay - 2nd Place - Time of 9:32.83 - Kyle Jones, Martin Nunez, Joseph York, Nemehiah Relefrod
    400 M Relay - 7th Place - Time of 49.10 - Conner Stacy, Michael Shaddon, Kyle Jones, Logan Chronister
    1600 M Relay - 4th Place - Time of 4:19.68 - Joseph York, Kyle Jones, Michael Shaddon, Martin Nunez
    Individual Results
    Logan Chronister
    - 100 M Dash - 4th Place - Time of 12.21
    - 300 M Hurdles - 1st Place - Time of 45.79
    - Long Jump - 1st Place - Distance of 17.07
    Will Scott
    - 200 M Dash - 7th Place - Time of 27.13
    Martin Nunez 
    - 800 M Run - 1st Place - Time of 2:23.98
    Colton Atha
    -800 M Run - 8th Place - Time of 2:33.21
    Michael Shaddon
    - Triple Jump - 8th Place - Distance of 32-08
    Brayden Meinardus
    - Pole Vault - 3rd Place - Height of 9-00
    Brayden Jones 
    - Discus - 6th Place - Distance of 100-05

    Kimmons Relays Results Girls  
    April 9, 2018
    High Jump
    McIntosh: 4-6 (2nd)
    Posey: 4-0 (7th)

    Pole Vault
    Posey: 6-6 (1st)
    Shot Put

    Towns-Robinson:36-11 (2nd)
    Hatley: 28-2 (8th)
    Baker: 26-9

    Long Jump

    Towns-Robinson: 14-6.5 (4th)
    Bull: 12-3.5

    Triple Jump
    McIntosh: 29-8 (4th)
    Hal. White: 25-8.5

    Towns-Robinson:87-3 (1st)
    Hay. White: 59-9 (7th)
    Westfall: 57-3

    3200 Relay
    Phenis: 2:54
    Ogilvie: 3:15
    Sanderson: 3:10
    Smith: 3:07
    Team: 12:26.54(4th)

    300 Hurdles
    Henson:58.61 (5th)

    Posey 30.72(3rd)

    100 Hurdles
    Hal.White:18.61 (4th)

    Phenis: 6:52.52 (5th)

    McIntosh 1:08.74(1st)

    Smith: 3:04.42(7th)
    Ogilvie: 3:07.92

    1600 Relay
    Henson: 1:20
    Hal.White: 1:16
    Phenis: 1:16
    Team: 5:04.89(2nd)


    Greenwood 7th Grade Relays

    Girls Results

    4th place team overall

    High Jump:
    3rd place- Lydia Mann
    5th place- Helena Dugger

    Long Jump:
    6th place- Mackenzie Erwin

    Shot Put:
    5th place- Samantha Crook

    6th place- Jenna Williams

    3200m Relay:
    1st place- Vickie Sims, Rachel James, Katelyn Valdez, Austin Maxwell

    100m Hurdles:
    4th place- Taylor Greer

    100m Dash:
    8th place- Savanah Thomas

    400m Relay:
    5th place- Abigail Smith, Emma Moore, Anna Howard, Mackenzie Erwin

    400m Dash:
    1st place- Magen Sharp
    2nd place- Jasmine Johnson

    300m Hurdles:
    2nd place- Lydia Mann

    1600m Relay:
    6th place- Taylor Greer, Ashley White, Helena Dugger, Mackenzie Erwin


    Fort Smith Track Meet- March 29th  All Results here:   7/8 Ramsey Track Results

    Congrats to these young men last night at Ramsey!!!
    7th Grade
    Brady Noyes- 5th Place Shot Put- 28 ft 11 in 
    Derek Hatcher- 6th Place Triple Jump- 27 ft 11 in
    Dawson Shelby-2nd Place Discus- 81 ft 9 in 
    Dawson Shelby- 8th Place Shot Put- 27 ft 2 in
    Jael Nunez- 6th Place 800M Run- 2:38
    Jael Nunez, Derek Hatcher, Matthew Schlegel, Ranger Brumley- 8th Place 1600M Relay- 5:04
    8th Grade
    Tyler Williams- 1st Place Discus-128 feet 
    Conner Stacy- 2nd Place High Jump- 5 ft 2 inches
    Alex Morgan- 7th Place High Jump- 4 ft 8 inches
    Levi Burkhart- 5th Place Discus- 93 feet
    Aiden Firestine- 5th Place 110 M Hurdles- 20.32 seconds
    Paul Marston- 6th Place Pole Vault- 6 ft 6 inches
    Gene Alexander, Tate Driggs, Henry Dray, Paul Marston- 8th Place 3200M Relay


    Jr. Girls Airedale Relays

    Boys 4x8 - 5th Place with a time of 9:42.56 - Nehemiah Releford, Joseph York, Kyle Jones, Martin Nunez
    Boys 4x4 - 6th Place with a time of 4:14.02 Michael Shaddon, Dakota Valencia, Kyle Jones, Martin Nunez
  •  Results from McDonald's Relays in Fort Smith on Thursday, April 19th: 

    Martie Shockley 1st in 300m hurdles
    Chesnee Ellifrits 6th in 100m hurdles
    Boys 1600m Relay 6th- Cooper McGhee, Riley Mitchelle, Cole Spencer, Parker Edwards

    Results from Bulldog Relays in Fayetteville on Wednesday, April 11th:


    Martie Shockley 3rd in the 300m hurdles

    Chesnee Ellifrits 6th in 100m hurdles


    Boys 1600m relay 5th- Cole Spencer, Joey White, Cooper McGhee, Parker Edwards

    Boys 400m relay 6th- Riley Mitchelle, Keegan Rosebeary, Cooper McGhee, Dakota Caplena Boys 3200m relay 7th- Cole Spencer, Joey White, Francisco Pina, Andrew Duncan                               

    Levi Prestige 8th in discus

    Cooper McGhee 8th in 110m hurdles


    Congratulations to the Sr High Track Teams for their performances at the Airedale Relays Friday(4/30).


    Cooper McGhee 1st in the 110m hurdles and 400m dash

    Caedmon Johnson 2nd in the 110m hurdles and 300m hurdles

    Cole Spencer 3rd in the 400m dash

    Riley Mitchelle 3rd in long jump

    Joey White 4th in the 800m run

    The Boys 1600m relay placed 1st- Cooper McGhee, Cole Spencer, Dakota Caplina, Joey White

    The Boys 3200m Relay placed 2nd- Joey White, Cole Spencer, Montana Webb, Logan Holland

    Kylee Sims 1st in the 100m hurdles

    Martie Shockley 1st in the 300m hurdles

    Annika Duncan 2nd in triple jump

    Krystal Wise 2nd in the 100m hurdles

    Josephine Meinardus place 3rd in high jump

    Laken Scott 3rd in the 100m hurdles

    Rane Orrick placed 4th in high jump

    The Girls 400m relay placed 1st- Lakin Scott, Martie Shockley, Annika Duncan, Kylee Sims


    Morrilton- Devil Dog Relays- March 15

    Martie Shockley 2nd in 300m hurdles

    Chesenne Ellifrits 3rd in the 100m hurdles

    Rane Orrick 5th in high jump

    Annika Duncan 5th in the 800m run and  6th in triple jump

    Kayla McCain, Annika Duncan, Chloe Gilmore and Martie Shockley placed 3rd in 1600m relay

    5th 400 m relay- Chesenne Ellifrits, Martie Shockley, Kylee Sims, Layla McCain

    Shelby Ramsey 8th in the discus

    4th in 3200m relay- Andrew Duncan, Jake Westfall, Cole Spencer, Joey White

    Coopers McGhee 4th in the 110m hurdles

    Riley Mitchell 5th in the 100m dash and 8th in the triple jump

    2nd 1600 m relay- Joey White, Cole Spencer, Riley Mitchell, Cooper McGhee

    Joey White 8th in 800 m dash