• Parents and Students

     As we continue our efforts to ensure the safety of our students we are providing Alma Safety Tip Line for our students and parents to report any suspicious or concerning activity.  We want to promote the mindset with everyone- See Something, Say Something. The safety of our students is paramount, and we appreciate the continued partnership with our parents and community to help ensure this safety.  On our website www.almasd.net, you will see an icon Alma Tip Line listed next to our calendar, meals, news and gradebook icons.  Please use this tip line at any time that you feel it is needed; again we want to promote- See Something, Say Something. Thank you for your continued support as we strive daily to ensure the safety of our students. Any information received through our Alma Safety Tip Line will remain confidential. 

     Click here for the link to the Alma Safety Tip Line

    The Alma Safety Tip Line is displayed on our site just below our picture display.

    Tip Line Close Up TipLine