• English 9

    Bethany Cady

    Email: bcady@almasd.net

    High School Office: 479 632 2162

    Conference Period: 1st hour


    Course Description:

    The purpose of English 9 is to build upon the skills students learned in middle school in order to help them advance in high school and beyond. Students will learn crucial reading and writing skills to help them develop a skill set that will benefit them throughout their educational careers. This course will be a combination of major novel studies, as well as short stories and poems with accompanying writing assignments.


    Course Materials: What will you need?

    1. 1” binder
    2. Dividers
    3. Loose leaf paper
    4. Pencil and/or pen
    5. Library book


    Class Policies:


    Cell phone Policy: Students are not allowed to have thier cell phones out while in Mrs. Cady’s classroom for any reason. There will be a designated area for students to place their phones upon entering the classroom and will be given time to pick it back up before the period is over. If a student is caught with their cell phone, it will be taken up and the parent can pick up the phone from the office at the end of the school day.


    Late Work Policy: There will be a 10% grade if the work is turned in past the due date. For any assignment given, students will be given ample time in class to complete it, so there is no excuse for late work.

    Plagiarism Policy: A plagiarized assignment will result in a failing grade for that assignment, with an alternate assignment required for partial credit. Plagiarism is a serious offense and I will ensure that you know how to avoid it.


    Reading Expectations:

    Independent reading will be incorporated to class time each week. Students will be required to have a book with them every day to read. They may get that book from the Alma High School Library, The Alma Public Library, Mrs. Cady’s classroom, or one from their personal collection. At the end of each nine weeks, your student will also be required to complete a Book Project over one of the books they have read.They will be provided some time in class to read independently, but will be responsible for independent reading outside of class.



    There will be two semester tests (see student handbook for rules of exemption). The semester test will be worth 20% of the overall semester grade. While we will have various quizzes, the majority of assignments will be in-class writing assignments.



    If a student is absent, it is their responsibility to find out any information that was covered, and get any assignments or notes that are needed. Students are allowed one day for each day that they missed. If the student has not turned in an assignment past that day, my late work policy applies.


    Major Assignments:

    • Words of the Week Quizzes
    • In-class Writing Assignments
    • Essays
    • Book Club Discussions
    • Book Projects


    Major Works to be Studied:

    • Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
    • The Odyssey by Homer
    • The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros
    • Various selected short stories, articles, and poems


    Classroom Rules: What is expected of you?

    1. Be in your seat with your library book in hand when the tardy bell rings.
    2. Treat every single person in this classroom with the same respect and dignity you would want for yourself. Any negative behavior towards another student (bullying, name calling, etc.) is not tolerated at Alma High School and will result in an office referral.
    3. Be responsible by always having your materials and keeping up with assignments.
    4. Follow the directions the first time they are given to you.

    ***If you choose not to follow the rules I have set for my classroom, I do reserve the right to contact your parents.***

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    text : @ek386c to 81010

    *****Note to Parents*****

    Please be aware that the books brought home for independent reading were not selected by your child’s teacher, but were chosen by the child.  If you do not approve, it is important that your child selects another book as quickly as possible in order to complete the book projects on time.  I cannot stress how important it is that your child reads at home as much as possible.