The Alma High School Technology Student Association competed at the River Valley Tech Challenge at Arkansas Tech University on January 17.  Alma High School won the Overall High School Award.  27 students competed in various categories that focus on STEM such as on the spot coding, CAD engineering, children's stories, CO2 dragsters, debating technological issues, on the spot problem solving, photographic technology, webmaster, and VEX robotics just to name a few. TSA is a national career tech student organization for students wanting to pursue a future in STEM.  Students will compete at the state competition in April.

    Congratulations to the following students for placing at the Technology Student Association River Valley Tech Challenge.


    3rd place-

    Alena Flurry- Photography

    Colton Atha and Zach Matheny- VEX Robotics


    2nd place-

    Jenna Beard, Chesnee Ellifrits, KaeLea Little, Elyssa Mansell, and Teagan Marks- Children's Story

    Nathan Gibson- Dragster Design

    Alex Partlow- Dragster Design

    Zach Matheny and Terrance Meinardus- Problem Solving

    Landon Medlock- Extemporaneous speech

    Johnathan Morgan- Promotional Graphics


    1st place-

    Jenna Beard, Adrienne Holland, and Bryzen Kimes- Architectural Design

    Landon Medlock, Alex Partlow, Nathan Plummer, and Malaki Rodgers- Webmaster

    Nathan Plummer- CAD Engineering

    Terrance Meinardus- Dragster Design

    Drake Love and Caden Sossoman- Problem Solving

    Dalton Hubler- Extemporaneous speech

    Kalek Jackson- Music Production


    Alma High School also won the Overall School Award.