International Program at AHS

  • International Program at Alma High

    This past August, Alma was able to welcome 23 exchange students from 11 different countries around the world.  Vietnam, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Spain, Mexico, Czech Republic and so many more! These students have grown to be a beautiful part of our community and our school.  We have had the pleasure of watching them in volleyball, basketball and become leaders on the high school soccer team.  They have participated in plays, science fair, history day and added to the knowledge and understanding of culture and being a foreigner in our high school.  The students have added perspective to lessons in their classes and have done their best to join clubs and organizations to help out others.  These students have become sons and daughters in 16 different Alma families and have enhanced their families holidays and weekends as well as giving us a new meaning to what family is:  Family is that feeling that you get when you know you belong, when you can make mistakes and have to trust the people around you to listen, forgive and still want you in their home and forever as a member in their life.   These families have grown in size and heart and continue to love and support their children.  If you feel like you are willing to become a host family for the 2019/20 school year please feel free to email me or visit our website with the list of students.  We are always looking for more amazing families to enjoy this experience.

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