• To Alma Parents and the Alma Community,


    As spring break ends and we resume our educational program, there are some things we want to let you know about. I hope that you will read this entire message.


    Beginning Monday teachers will once again be working with students, assigning reading, having discussions, and helping our students continue their education. For most students this work occurs through the use of technology. While not nearly as good as students and teachers being together in the classroom, if students are attentive to their work, a great deal of learning can occur.


    Not everyone has access to the internet, and not everyone has a computer at home. Many of our students checked out a school Chromebook before spring break. All students that need one are welcome to do so. If you need to do this, please call your child’s school next week.


    For students that have or will have a computer but don’t have access to the internet, by Wednesday we will have installed a strong, open (no password needed) internet connection in our school parking lots. This will be available around the clock, 7 days a week. We are also providing the same thing at these locations: Southside Baptist Church, Dyer Community Center, Concord Baptist Church, Beyond Church, and Rudy Baptist Church. Having this connection will allow a student to sit in a car, connect to the internet, and download and upload information and lessons to and from their teacher.


    For students that are unable to do the above, we will do our best to provide learning materials to them either on paper, or on a thumb drive if they have or get a computer.


    On Monday we will also resume providing lunch and breakfast throughout the community to any student that wants it. This will be a little different from how we did it before spring break, as follows:


    This first week we will distribute food on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. Beginning the second week, it will be Tuesday and Friday. Each time (after Monday) we will give out three days worth of breakfasts and lunches. It can be picked up between 10:30 and noon at these locations: All four schools, Southside Baptist Church, Dyer Community Center, Concord Baptist Church, Beyond Church, and Rudy Baptist Church. For anyone that is unable to come to one of these locations, we will bring it to your house. If you need for us to do this, please call your school next week.


    At the present time, schools in Arkansas are scheduled to reopen to normal operation on April 20. At this time we have no information if the closure will be extended. We will continue to provide education and food service for however long we are directed to remain closed.


    This is a difficult time for everyone. All of us at Alma School District want all of you to know that we stand ready to assist your family in any way we can. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.


    David Woolly, Superintendent