• From the Superintendent:


    We have now completed two weeks of home instruction, plus the week of spring break. At the present time we are scheduled to have two more weeks of home instruction and then return to normal “at school” classes on Monday, April 20. I will not be surprised if the state extends the time we are closed, but as of right now we have no information about when or if that decision will be made.


    Although home instruction can never replace the normal school program, we are doing everything we can to provide the best educational experience possible. Our teachers are working diligently to both provide worthwhile learning activities for their students, while at the same time provide them with interesting things to do each day, and to the extent possible keep them connected with their classmates and school. Doing this is challenging, but with teachers, students and parents working together, we can continue to help students move forward educationally and help them deal with this very unusual time in their lives.


    We had planned to have enhanced internet access in our school parking lots and at several area churches by this past Wednesday. Due to the nationwide disruption of so many things, the delivery of the equipment we need to do this has been delayed. We hope to have this up and running in the next few days, and will let everyone know when it is operational.


    We are continuing to offer to any student the use of a school district Chromebook. Our technology staff is also available to assist with computer and connection issues. If you need any information of any type such as when and how to pick up instructional material packets, library books, a Chromebook, or anything directly school related, just call your school.


    Our delivery of breakfast and lunch to students is smoothing out, and now working pretty well. Meals are available on Tuesday (three days of breakfast and lunch) and Friday (two days of breakfast and lunch) at all schools and at five pick up points around the district. You can find the locations of the pick up points on the district web site (www.AlmaSD.net). We will also deliver meals directly to a student’s house upon request. If you need for us to do this, just call your school. Our Food Service Department is working to provide a variety of types of meals other than sandwiches.  Meals are available at no cost to any and all Alma students.


    As always, do not hesitate to contact any of us if there is anything at all we can help you with, school related or otherwise.


    David Woolly, Superintendent