Message 4/6/2020

  • As I am sure you know by now, Governor Hutchinson has extended the closure of onsite education in the public schools of Arkansas through the end of this school year. We will continue to provide educational activities until late May in the same manner as we have been doing, and are presently doing.


    We will also continue to provide food service as we began last week. Full details about this are on the District web site at


    Although certainly no substitute for a normal school experience, we are doing all we can to provide positive learning experiences for every student, but we are especially focused on helping all of our students deal with this very unusual situation. We are very aware of how stressful this is for our young people.


    This is a frustrating time for Alma students, parents, and families. It is for all of us also. But there can be no compromise in regards to the safety of our students and our community.


    Our teachers will be providing more details to students about the remainder of the school year in the next few days. We want you to know that we are doing everything we can think of to help everyone to get through this as well as we possibly can. Let us know if you have ideas that might help make it better.


    David Woolly, Superintendent