• Host an International Student


    Host now! :)

    It's easy to host!  Here are the basics:

    • Host family will receive $400 monthly 
    • Host family will provide a bed and meals
    • Host family will learn more about another culture first hand
    • Student will attend Alma High School
    • Student will become a part of your family
    • Student is responsible for all school and extra expenses (going out with friends/clothing/souvenirs)
    • Student will carry their own health and liability insurance

    If you are interested in becoming a host family, welcome family or would just like more information about the international exchange student program, please contact Eileen Parham at eparham@almasd.net or 479-462-5100   

    Still concerned about hosting? Read this article co-written by two former exchange students.  One of these amazing students went to school in Lavaca, Arkansas. Benefits of Hosting