Gifted and Talented

  • At Alma School District, we strive to meet the needs of all of our students.  One way we do that is through enrichment for our students who have strengths in creativity and critical thinking skills.  Our district services provided to students are as follows:

    K-3     Whole Group Enrichment

    4-5     GT Teacher Pullout Classes

    6-12    PreAP and AP Classes 

    Whole group enrichment is provided using the Talents Unlimited program.  Teachers incorporate this enrichment into their regular classroom lesson plans each week.  

    At the end of 3rd Grade, students are identified in need of services and will begin a GT pullout program in grades four and five.  Our district GT Coordinator will work with them for 150 minutes each week.  The main focal points of pullout services is to provide for students creativity, critical thinking, and social-emotional needs.

    When student begin 6th grade, they take PreAP or AP classes as a way to continue to enrich their deeper learning at school.  The GT teacher and coordinator will monitor their progress and are always available should a student struggle or show need.  Our GT Coordinator serves as an advocate for identified GT students throughout their time at Alma and is always avaiable to them, from the 4th grade into their senior year of high school. 

    For further questions concerning this program, please contact our district's GT Coordinator, Michael Bridges.


    Phone:  479-632-2166