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  • Arkansas law (Act 930 of 2017) requires the administration of a developmentally appropriate measurement or assessment for kindergarten through grade two (K-2) in literacy and mathematics. To meet this requirement, while providing districts some flexibility, beginning in the 2017-2018 school year, each district will be able to select the assessment that best meets the needs of their K-2 students. School districts will be allowed to choose from a list of state approved assessments for their K-2 students.

    The three K-2 assessments are:

    •  Istation - ISIP (this is the K-2 assessment that Alma Primary School uses)
    •  NWEA - Map for Growth
    •  Renaissance – Star


    Each of the K-2 assessments is intended to be administered at least 3 times during the school year so that educators can make data driven instructional decisions. This will help inform teachers of students that require remediation, intervention and/or enrichment. Each test is an adaptive type test, and students are not expected to know all of the test items.

    • Automatic screening and progress monitoring in 30 minutes every month save time while providing the frequency for effective data integrity.
    • On-demand assessments offer more frequent progress monitoring to support aggressive intervention.
    • Precise measurements track student ability and skill development within subtests.
    • Seamless placement automatically puts students on individual learning paths based on their abilities.
    • Assessment modeling for young learners helps students practice and become familiar with the experience before taking an actual assessment.