Alma Opportunity School (AOS)

 Job Fair - JAG Students
  • Vision

    We are committed to improving our student’s character, academic skills, and emotional needs in order for them to be successful learners and members of society.

    It is our vision that every student finds success. Through social skills development and counseling, students will make better choices and learn to change past behaviors. Our staff is committed to preparing students, through an individualized plan and credit recovery, to return to the Alma High School campus, to transition to the job force, or to continue post-secondary educational pursuits. 


    • Provide a safe, caring, and educationally conducive structured environment where needs are met to prepare for mainstream placement
    • Build a welcoming counseling intervention program for all students       
    • Explore activities to promote life and job skills
    • Promote success for all students


    Students have many different reasons for needing the services offered at AOS.  For students needing academic intervention, the low student-teacher ratio is essential.  For students struggling with emotional and social issues, the availability of support services and a smaller student population provides a less stressful educational environment. For students needing credit recovery, we offer blended and student-paced online learning to facilitate accelerated learning. For students who are pregnant or are single parents, the flexible school schedule enables them to complete their high school requirements to earn their diploma. For students seeking to transition to the job force upon graduation, or to work while still in high school, the JAG program prepares and assists students in acquiring employment and affords a flexible school schedule. The primary goal of AOS staff is to work with students and help them achieve academic and personal success.

    Jobs for Arkansas Graduates

    Jobs for Arkansas Graduates (JAG)   

    The JAG program at AOS aims to make a measurable difference in the lives of alternative education students by helping them overcome barriers to graduation. JAG prepares students by developing them into future leaders for families, employers, and their community.


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