• Mission and Vision Statements


    Our mission is to prepare each child academically, socially, and emotionally, for successful living. We will do this through an engaging and challenging curriculum that equips students to be responsible lifelong learners. We accept the responsibility for providing a safe environment in which students are contributing and confident members, able to serve their communities now and in the future.

    Student Version 

    As students our mission is to learn what we need to know for successful living. We are responsible, lifelong learners, using our knowledge and skills to help others right here, right now!


    ● Alma Intermediate School will be a place where all students experience success, build self-esteem, develop resilience and make great academic gains by taking ownership and responsibility for learning and building authentic and lasting relationships.

    ● Students will have a secure, nurturing, proactive team of support that includes staff and meaningful parent involvement with a shared passion for lifelong learning and a growth mindset, committed to doing whatever it takes to succeed.

    ● AIS will use strategies and interventions based on best practices to reach all students, regardless of their present level of learning.

    ● AIS will be a joyful place where students' individual needs and unique talents are the focus and where their accomplishments are recognized in all academic areas.