• Host an International Student


    It's easy to host! Here are the basics:

    • Host family will provide a bed and meals
    • Host family will learn more about another culture first hand
    • Student will attend Alma High School
    • Student will become a part of your family
    • Student is responsible for all school and extra expenses (going out with friends/clothing/souvenirs)
    • Student will carry their own health and liability insurance
    • Most companies offer a small stipend to the family to help with monthly expenses

    If you are interested in becoming a host family, welcome family or would just like more information about the international exchange student program, please contact Eileen Parham at eparham@almasd.net or 479-462-5100   

    Still concerned about hosting? Read this article co-written by two former exchange students. One of these amazing students went to school in Lavaca, Arkansas. Benefits of Hosting

  • Still concerned?

    Posted by: EILEEN PARHAM

    In the Alma School District we recognize that it is a commitment to host a student in your home for a year.  These students come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.  Although we can not guarantee a perfect placement, we feel strongly that hosting is such a wonderful and enriching experience for every family.  We hope to find families that will enjoy showing their American spirit and open their homes and hearts to a youth from another country.  We have had students from all parts of the world! China, Thailand, Vietnam, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Czech Republic, and many many more!  Please consider hosting carefully, and please help us continue to bring these bright and lovely students to our district.  

    Hosting provides the world to our students in this district and a new family member to our host families!  It is an experience you will never forget.


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