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Hard-working Reeves named Teacher of the Year- 05/28/2021

By Kevin Taylor

Alma Schools 


Erin Reeves didn't go to work this week expecting to be named the Alma Schools’ “Teacher of the Year.”


Oh sure, the thought crossed her mind. This marked the third consecutive year the Alma Intermediate School teacher has been named her building’s Teacher of the Year.


This time was different. 


Erin Reeves goes to work to win every day. Thursday just happened to be a little more special.


"I know I'm supposed to be a teacher, (but) I love what I do — I love doing what I do in Alma because I went all the way through school in Alma," Reeves said. "So, to come back and teach is just icing on the cake. 


This is a big deal to win this, especially because my colleagues nominated me."


"She's nominated by her peers, and that's huge," Alma Intermediate Principal Kim Loughridge said. "But you know, that's Erin. She's held in high regard; she's always willing to help, whether you're a veteran teacher or you're a novice teacher. She's going to tell you what she thinks, because she always wants to help the kids."


A 1999 Alma graduate, the former Erin Warnock has spent a dozen years at AIS. It's the only place she ever wanted to be at. 


“I sent out one resume, and that was to Alma Intermediate School,” she said. “I didn’t contact any other school.”


Reeves fit in immediately. 


"That's my age (fourth graders); I've done it for 12 years now," she said. "I don't have to wipe (runny) noses and they love school. Anything I do in the classroom, they think it's a big deal. If I can get to where they say, 'Oh wow, school is fun,' they will work for you.


"You've won the battle."


In 2021-22, Reeves will transition to fifth grade reading intervention at AIS. 


“The kids that aren’t on grade-level reading, I’m going to be pulling them into small groups to get them up to grade level,” Reeves said. “I’m really excited.”


Reeves, the Alma Intermediate School Teacher of the Year, was selected the overall Teacher of the Year following extensive out-of-district interviews. She was selected over Alma High School Teacher of the Year Sherry Siler, Middle School Teacher of the Year Anna Redo-Robles and Primary School Teacher of the Year Kathy Jones. 


Along with Reeves' big moment, Alma recognized a number of retiring teachers, coaches and educators, including the Flenor's, Stan and Madelyn. Longtime track and football coach Tom McMurray, media specialist Scott Treece and media specialist Mary Beth McCourt also retired after lengthy careers. 


Other retirees include: Pam Barry (Middle School), Keith Keener (Maintenance), Dianna Maulden (High School), Janet Ruth (Administration), Teresa Schlabach (PAC), Janice Vincent (Intermediate) and Becky Warnock (Primary). 


Phyllis Oberman, Harry McKay and Lesa Wimberley, all of the transportation department, retired. 


"We recognized a lot of people today, and we could have recognized dozens and dozens more," Woolly said. "The opportunity, the facility ... It's great to come together and honor people on a day like today.


"It's something that I think is really cool."


Those receiving pins: 


10 Years 


  • Joshua Driscoll
  • Vickie Hamblin
  • Mary Ann Holt
  • Kathy Jones
  • Patsy Montoya
  • Amie Nicholson
  • Amber Overton
  • Angela Wehunt
  • Lisa Whalen
  • Erin Young


15 Years 


  • Lora Brake
  • Stacey Caldwell
  • Jennifer Dumond
  • Amy House
  • Teresa Jones
  • Brian Kirkendoll
  • Michelle Long
  • Danielle Muhammed
  • Amber Stricklin
  • David Townsend
  • Sonya Whitwam
  • Deborah Wilson


20 Years 


  • Dona Banks
  • Shawn Bullard
  • Janet Camden
  • Eddie Prince
  • Nancy Rhodes 
  • Tesha Short


25 Years 


  • Christina Chapen
  • Rhonda Jones
  • Stacy Overbey Wahman
  • Rebecca Whitlock


30 Years


  • Pamela Barry
  • Lisa Corder
  • Sue Featherston
  • Scott Treece


35 Years 


  • Pamm Treece
  • Becky Warnock


Classified Non Instructional

Food Service 


10 Years 


  • Syrock, Melissa


15 Years


  • Michelle Tillery


20 Years 


  • Wanda Boerjan
  • Tammy Brammer



10 Years 


  • Romona Nelson


15 Years


  • Shirley Shelly


20 Years 


  • Tina Wilkinson


25 Years


  • Stacie Fulmer



10 Years


  • Crystal Blankenship

15 Years 


  • Donald Wilbanks 


20 Years 


  • Lesa Wimberley
  • Jay Wolgamott 


25 Years 


  • Phyllis Oberman 


40 Years 


  • Lyndall Sipe