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Green and gold hoops a success 11/10/21

Green & Gold hoops a success

By Kevin Taylor 

Alma Schools 


By the time Bryson Mayes began torching the Gold Team with a pair of 3-pointers, his first one slicing through the lingering smoke from the fog machine, the mood had yet to subside during three hours of basketball — a day where everyone won. 


“For the seventh graders, it’s the first time they’ve ever been on the floor,” Alma coach Dominic Lincoln said. “The more time you get out there, the more comfortable you get.”


Lincoln liked everything, including the aesthetics of the night with the fog machine and public address announcer David Wright announcing every player’s name. 


“No. 22, Ezzzzzrrraaaaa Kellllllleeerrr!!!"


“I thought it looked really good,” Lincoln said. “I thought everybody did a really good job of putting it on. Everybody behind the scenes, from the parents, working the concession stand, everything sends a really good message and kicks our season off with a lot of enthusiasm."


“I just hope we can capitalize on it and keep it going.”


“I thought the day overall went really well,” Alma girls coach Codey Mann said. “It’s pretty exciting getting to see these kids play on the arena floor. You hope they all stay and play basketball forever, but in reality, this may be the only time they get into the game at Charles B. Dyer (Arena).”


All fans entering the scrimmage were encouraged to bring canned foods for a food drive. 


Mann and Lincoln will be back for real Thursday when Beebe comes calling. 


“We were nervous, which you could tell, which was great because now we’ve played here one time before Thursday,” Mann said. “We didn’t shoot it like we have been in practice, but if we can save it for Thursday, I’ll save that any day of the week.”


“I thought it would be really good for us to go out there under the lights and get the jitters out,” Lincoln said. “We’ve got a lot of kids that are seniors, but they don’t have a lot of game experience. I thought it was good for them to go out there and see things that work and some that don’t work.”


Mayes lit it up for 10 points as if he’d been there forever. He didn’t play much as a junior. 


“We’re young when it comes to experience,” Lincoln said. “We really only have three that have been out there - Logan (Taylor), Hunter (McAlister), and Stewart (George). I thought Stewart did a lot of great things hustling, I thought LT looked very confident shooting the ball and he battled inside and took a charge, and I thought Hunter was very relentless on the boards. He’s gotta be stronger with the ball, but the energy and effort were there, and the plays will come.”


Mann and the Lady Airedales have a ton of returning experience, including Hayln Carmack, McKenzie Rushing, Olivia Spears, Pesli Taylor, and Samantha Crook. “She’s a bruiser inside,” Mann said. “Moose (Carmack) will play better. I like our bunch.”


The Lady Airedales have several young players who may have minutes this season, starting with freshmen Kiara Owens and Jordan Gramlich. Another ninth-grader, Daimya Parker, played well in the freshman scrimmage. 


Lincoln has reason to smile about his freshman boys team, too. 


Camden Curd, Israel Towns-Robinson, Miles Kendrick, and Carmani Smith looked sharp.