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AMS 1st annual STEM Games were a huge success. Students in grades 6-8 completed a project of their category choice through their science class.Categories to choose from included: Science Fair, Catapults, People Powered Cars, Egg Buggy, Graphic Design, Windmills, Rub Goldberg or Gliders. Students had an appointment time within the day to meet with judges and show off their hard work. Some students worked alone while others teamed up. Awards were given to the top 4 of each category in the two age groups of 6th graders and 7-8 grades. Behind the scenes work that took place in preparation to the day was, students were expected to write a research paper with cited sources to support learning and design ideas of their project, test and graph to justify design adjustments made throughout the building process, and then create a presentation and deliver it in their science class. 

In addition to the competition of STEM Games students were free to make decisions of several various STEM-related non-competition activities going on. Some examples are: 4 Escape rooms set-up and ran by the Math department, Janet Huckabee Center archery range, Game and Fish provided lessons prior to a turkey calling contest, digital creation music station by our band directors & green screen room by our KPAWS coordinator, Karaoke in the choir room, creative art station, and Student Council hosted laser tag. Another popular non-competition area that turned out to be most impressive was the game station. The lower library was socked with more board games than I can list, and students took it upon themselves to organize and conduct a chess tournament. An example of how students can thrive when provided spare time, supplies, and a place to take control of their own learning environment.